Pricing & FAQ

Pricing & Payment

What are the associated costs?

Initial Consultation: $110.00
Subsequent Consultations: $68.00

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept the following payment methods:

  • Credit card
  • Cheque – With suitable ID
  • Cash

Payment is to be settled at the time of consultation.


What is the Gonstead Technique?

The Gonstead technique is manually-based. It requires the practitioner to detect the problem/injury hands on, to make detailed analysis, and to find the most suitable treatment method. See First Visit to learn what to expect on your first visit.

How long are the treatments?

Initial Consultation: approx. 40 mins
Subsequent Consultations: approx. 20 mins

N.B. Assuming treatment of the injury is relatively straight forward

Please be aware that if there are multiple issues then a separate time is likely required to address those. Michael’s priority is the major presentation first and foremost; treating too much in the one visit can be counterproductive.

How many treatment plans do I need?

Michael doesn’t believe in putting patients on “set treatment plans”. On the other hand, each patient has their specific issues or needs. Regular check-ups or maintenance therapy should be customised, so the number of treatment depends.

At Classic Chiropractic, if you don’t like the idea of maintenance therapy, you can make appointments as you need it. Patients with spinal or other injuries are highly recommended to check up every so often.